Annual General Meeting

Meet the Committee


Manager: Sonia Weston
Deputy Manager: Sally Rogers
Press & Publicity: Rachel Lawrence-Hyde

The Management Committee

President: Mr John Bird
Chairman: Mrs Pam Burn
Minutes  Secretary: Mr Tony James
Mrs Elizabeth Barber
Mr Peter Chapman
Mr Barry Neale
Mrs Sue Pike
Mr Bob Thorogood

(Brief biographies of Trustees, with their photos, can be found at the
end of this Section)

(Treasurer responsibilities: The Settlement pays an accountant to provide professional financial advice in respect of charity financial legislation, tax and other matters and to complete the Settlement year end accounts.  This work informs the deliberations of the F & G P – see below.)

The Letchworth Settlement is a Registered Charity and is governed by its Trustees who form a Management Committee and are elected annually at the AGM. The day to day running of the Settlement is delegated to the Manager and other staff, whose function is to see that the Management Committee’s strategic objectives are achieved, and to ensure the smooth running of the Settlement.

The Settlement has a number of sub-committees with responsibility for specific functions within the organisation.  These are:

Finance and General Purpose  (F & G P) sub Committee
This sub committee has responsibility for Finance, IT, HR and legal matters.  The membership of this sub committee comprises:

Peter Chapman  –  Lead
John Bird
Pam Burn
Sonia Weston

Property Maintenance and Development sub Committee
This sub committee looks after all property and maintenance matters, preparing and updating maintenance schedules, planning future works (including furniture and equipment), obtaining planning permissions as necessary, meeting with suppliers and obtaining quotations and overseeing installations.  Members of this sub committee are:

Bob Thorogood  – Lead
Pam Burn
Tony James

Programme sub Committee
This group is responsible for the development of the annual programme of courses, identifying areas of interest and suitable tutors and putting the whole together for printing in time for students to enrol for each new academic year.  Members of this sub committee are:

Peter Chapman
Elizabeth Barber
Tony James
Sonia Weston

Publicity and Marketing sub Committee
This sub committee is responsible for ensuring the right information and messages reach the public and the Membership about the Settlement, identifying new opportunities for marketing and publicity and keeping the image of the Settlement fresh and up-to-date.  Members of this sub committee are:

Pam Burn
Rachel Lawrence-Hyde
Sue Pike

Each of the above sub committees meets regularly throughout the year and reports into the full Management Committee with recommendations.

All Members of the Management Committee are entirely unpaid and receive no fees or disbursements of any kind.