Details of new courses that are not in the brochure!

Butterflies in Evolution with Tim Parrott

Wednesdays 10am to 12 noon – 5 weeks commencing 18th April 2018

Cost £44.75

Butterflies continue to take part in some of the most fascinating relationships ever constructed by Evolution. Their caterpillars have fought against plant defences across geological time, as well as their natural predators, principally birds. Few other insects have as much to reveal, about themselves and about Evolution.

The Art of Happiness: Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility with Margaret Norwich

Tuesdays 1.30pm to 3.30pm – 5 weeks commencing 5th June 2018

Cost £44.75

In this, her first published novel, Jane Austen explores the art of happiness in the company of Mrs Dashwood and her daughters, serious Elinor, romantic Marianne, little Margaret, their friends and suitors. Sense & Sensibility is a stylish, witty and elegant novel which invites us to consider contemporary ideals and social convention, the rational and the romantic, sense and sensibility, in ways as relevant today as in 1811.

Drawing for Beginners & Beginners Plus with Suzy Drake

Tuesdays 1.30pm to 3.30pm – 5 weeks commencing 5th June 2018

Cost £44.75

Discover the joy of drawing and learn how to express yourself through mark-making and drawing.

We will learn basic drawing skills and practise those already gained, explore materials and mark-making techniques with the aim of dispelling the fears when faced with a blank sheet of paper.

For those who have some drawing experience we will continue to practise our drawing skills whilst gradually introducing new techniques and materials.

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