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Ref Code Title Description Start date Remaining Places
The Life & Music of Kurt Weill Kurt Weill -I am a Stanger Here Myself with Derek Blyth & Jill Taylor 8 Mar 2024 19:00 14
James Willis Lecture Series : Monet's Eye Monet’s Eye 21 Mar 2024 19:30 60
Classic Albums The Beatles' Sgt Pepper and the Zombies' Odessey and Oracle 22 Mar 2024 10:00 60
Flanders & Swann A Drop Of Flanders And Swann served by Peter Chapman and Mike O'Neill 24 Mar 2024 14:30 0
James Willis Lecture Series : Primavera Primavera 2 May 2024 19:30 60
James Willis Lecture Series : Frank Auerbach Frank Auerbach 11 Jul 2024 19:30 60