Learners Charter

229 Nevells Road, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 4UB
Registered Charity No 311085


We believe that the Settlement is more than just a place of learning. It is also a
community space which we want to be welcoming, inclusive, safe and supportive.
This includes respecting others’ race, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation,
disability, age and other personal or social circumstances.
We want our learners to feel safe and respected when they are at the Settlement.
We also want our staff, volunteers and any other users of our facilities to feel the
same. We will not tolerate any form of harassment or intimidation of anyone at the
Our Learner Charter sets out what we expect from our learners. When you enrol on
a course or a one-off workshop or event, you agree to this Charter.
Please let us know if you need any support. We appreciate that not all disabilities
are visible and therefore we may not realise that there are things that we can do to
help you. Any information provided to us will be confidential and only shared with
your permission.
If you do not meet the expectations set out in the Charter, we reserve the right to ask
you to leave the Settlement.

Learner Charter
As a learner at the Settlement, I will:
▪ Treat others with respect and dignity.
▪ Respect the views of others even if they are different from mine.
▪ Be courteous and civil to others.
▪ Not use discriminatory or inflammatory language.
▪ Respect the personal space of others.
▪ Not engage in any form of anti-social behaviour.
▪ Not endanger myself or others.
▪ Respect the Settlement’s property and others’ belongings.
▪ Comply with any Health and Safety and fire safety instructions from tutors or
▪ Not consume alcohol on the Settlement site, unless I am attending a licensed
▪ Not use non prescription drugs on the Settlement site.
▪ Not smoke on the Settlement site.
▪ Not use e-cigarettes on the Settlement site.
▪ Inform the Settlement Office if I need any kind of support.
▪ Comply with any other reasonable request from tutors or staff.