The Letchworth Educational Settlement

Update of the Status of the Letchworth Settlement

Letchworth Educational Settlement

Date: 24 July 2020

Thanks to the generosity of many people in Letchworth and the surrounding area, we’ve had a fantastic response to the appeal to save the Settlement. We’re pleased to announce that through the pledges of money and time from so many of you, we now feel confident that the centre can re-open in the next couple of months.

Once we’re open, we’re looking forward to offering a varied programme of high quality courses again. The opening will be staggered – we’ll communicate more about this in regular updates. We also plan to offer our facilities for hire to Letchworth community groups, once the procedures have been adapted to meet the new public safety standards. We’re lucky to have inherited not just a historic building but an educational institution with a proud reputation and a passionate group of supporters. A testament to the hard work and vision of the staff and trustees who have run it successfully for so many years.

But we’re not in a position of safety yet. We need to be confident that the Settlement can withstand many more months of socially-distanced classes and restricted face-to-face activity once the centre is open again. Which impacts the income that can be generated compared to previous years. We may be ‘back in business’ but we will be some way from ‘back to normal’. As a result we’ll be continuing our fundraising activities; and will be calling on more of the generous offers of help you’ve made, to allow us to explore new ideas for ways in which the Settlement can adapt and serve even more of the local community in the future.

A new interim committee has been formed, who are working closely with experienced Settlement office staff to formulate the re-opening plan. The interim committee members are: Hilary Kemp, Marian Adams, Alan Higbey, Nigel Carrick, Christina Butterworth, Carole Brooks, Catherine Beaumont and Katherine Alcock.

There’s still a lot of work to do before the Settlement can re-open, not least because of the new public health and building safety requirements for Covid-19. So please bear with the members of the new interim committee, as we consult the users of the Settlement, and work through the detailed plans. As soon as we have firm dates and details to announce we’ll share them with you.

We look forward to welcoming you back to this unique Letchworth Institution soon,

Hilary Kemp

Chair of Letchworth Educational Settlement


Our summer term is soon starting and we could not be more excited to welcome some of our courses back into the building. While many sessions will remain online to cater for those of us still not ready to meet in person, over the next few weeks we hope to see a few more of your friendly faces back in the real world!

In the meantime, do check out our Covid-19 Risk Assessment, and remember "Hands, Face, Space and Fresh Air" 

Click Here for Our Covid-19 Risk Assessment

The Settlement is Delighted to Present an Uplifting and Inspiring Talk
by Gillian Walnes Perry MBE

The Life and Surprising Legacy
of Anne Frank

As we are experiencing isolation from our friends and family, we can perhaps
draw solace from thinking about the war time teenage diarist and Holocaust
victim Anne Frank. How Anne Frank coped with her two-year isolation whilst in
hiding from the Nazis, facing the possibility of arrest and certain death every
minute of the day. How Nelson Mandela and Audrey Hepburn’s lives were greatly
influenced by Anne Frank’s diary. The astonishing effect that learning about
Anne Frank has had on people in some of the world’s most turbulent and violent
regions, breaking down long-held prejudicial views. The dramatic impact on
British prisoners who have gained a greater perspective on their grievances
against society thanks to Anne’s story. The significant change Anne’s diary has
made to millions of teenagers who faced adolescent social problems and
succeeded in raising their aspirations thanks to learning her story.

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A New, Exciting Series of Lectures and Workshops on Offer to Brighten Your Lockdown!

21st May: Eagle 3

Tickets are now on sale, and will close at 9am on the 20th May.

Tickets are now available for the next in our series of concerts in conjunction with the Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group, with wonderful local group Eagle 3. 

Both in-person and Zoom tickets are available.

Keen to continue with your class or join an online event during lockdown?

Watch the video below to take you through the process of setting up a Zoom account and using it to access courses and lectures:

Keen to continue with your class or join an online event during lockdown?

Watch the video below to take you through the process of setting up a Zoom account and using it to access courses and lectures:

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Our team have been working hard over the past few weeks, in accordance with government and public health guidelines, and in response to discussions with the wider Settlement community, to put together a Covid-19 Risk Assessment in regard to the Settlement’s reopening.

If you are interested in reading the document, you can download it by clicking on the button below;

Donate to Save Our Settlement

Despite the arrangements that the interim committee has put in place, and the wonderful amount of money that we have raised so far, the Settlement is still in a very precarious position, and we continue to be enormously grateful for any donations received.

If you would like to make a donation to the Settlement, you can do so by bank transfer, using the details below. This is the most cost effective payment method for the Settlement.  However if you would prefer to make a donation using your credit or debit card, please contact the Settlement office on 01462 682828.

Bank Name: CAF 
Account Name: Letchworth Educational Settlement
Account Number: 00011799
Sort Code: 40-52-40

We would love to send you a formal thank you for any gift sent via bank transfer, in order to allow us to do this, please drop us an email on [email protected].uk to let us know to expect it.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer, you can increase the value of your donation by 25% – at no extra cost to you.  To do so, please complete the Gift Aid form and send it to [email protected]

To download the form, please click the button below: