Workshops and Lectures

Garden Design (3): Realisation: detailing, cost estimates, construction and contractors

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Tutor: Andy Cocks
Saturday 27th Apr from 10:00 to 16:00
Cost £38

I will teach, guide, demonstrate and facilitate so that you: * Know how to tweak the design, brief and budget * Finalise palettes for hard and soft landscape materials * Produce detailed drawings for individual design elements * Understand the principles of construction * Learn how to get the best out of a landscape contractor Beginners welcome. Book your place now to avoid disappointment. The group size is limited to ensure the tutor can provide personalised professional feedback. Attend all three workshops for ongoing support or book individually. You are encouraged to bring photographs of your site and/or ideas for your projects. 10% discount if you book all three.

Cardboard Cut Printing

This workshop cannot be booked online. Please call the office.

Tutor: Curwen Print Study Centre Tutors
Saturday 4th May from 13:30 to 16:30
Cost £45

On this half day course you will learn about and investigate the qualities and potential of cardboard for making relief prints. You will explore a variety of cutting, incising and tearing techniques to create a range of unique and subtle marks, textures and shapes in your images. A very low-tech and easy-to-learn technique with really beautiful results. Cost includes all materials. To enrol visit: or call 01223 892380.

Introduction to Opera: Dialogues des Carmelites

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Tutor: Derek Blyth
Friday 10th May from 10:00 to 12:00
Cost £10

Poulenc's 'Dialogues des Carmelites' is one of the few operas from the second half of the twentieth century to have found a regular place in the repertoire of our major opera houses. It is still, however, much less well known than most operas. This lecture, copiously illustrated with musical and visual examples, will give better access to this wonderful work, ahead of the performance from the Metropolitan Opera, New York, to be shown at the Broadway Cinema on May 11th.

Writing About Lives - Biography and Autobiography

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Tutor: Elizabeth Barber
Saturday 11th May from 10:00 to 15:00
Cost £25

True life is often more interesting than fiction. On this one day course we will explore and practise writing about lives - ours and those of other people. Perhaps you have a friend or family member whose life you'd like to record ? Or maybe you'd like to leave your own memories for future generations to enjoy? With reference to published works we will discuss what makes us want to read on and how we might set about having a go ourselves.

Food & Fruit in Art of N Europe 1500-1800

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Tutor: Twigs Way
Saturday 11th May from 10:00 to 15:30
Cost £32

Ever looked at a canvas of piled high with fruits and cheese, glasses filled with amber liquids and plates of pewter spilling their wares, and wondered what it was all about? Do these document the realities of dining or celebrate the bounty of a wealthy patron? Which foods can we recognise and do they still exist? How did the painter keep the fish fresh over the weeks of painting and is there a symbolism behind the melons and the cucumbers? We shall explore images of food, feasts through three centuries.

Highlights from Russians and Russian Culture: Recollections of life in the USSR

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Tutor: Marina Burrell
Monday 20th May from 13:00 to 16:00
Cost £18

Join us at this talk to learn about experiences of life in the former Soviet Union and discuss how the Soviet past and the collapse of the USSR affect the current affairs and life of ordinary people in modern Russia. Marina illustrates her enjoyably informal and interactive talks with posters, photographs, artefacts, books, newspapers, songs and film clips. Topics will include a journey on the Trans- Siberian Railway which illustrates the immense size of the USSR, diversity of peoples, life and culture and much more. For anyone interested in the real Russia this talk will give a fascinating peep behind the old Iron Curtain and help to understand the current political situation.

Venetian Masks - History & Decorating Workshop

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Tutor: Dominique Shipster
Saturday 15th Jun from 10:00 to 13:00
Cost £35

At this workshop you will learn all about the history of masks in Venice from 1162 till 1797 and those of the Commedia dell'arte. This will inspire you to then design and decorate your own full face papier mache mask. We will use acrylic paints as a base design and enhance the image with acrylic metallic colours such as gold, silver, copper and glitter paint if desired. Small inserts of sheet music or coloured paper maybe incorporated if required. There will be plenty of reference material to inspire you to create your own true design. You are welcome to bring some simple designs as reference and any special paper. This is an adult class for all levels for who wish to create and take home a unique mask. Cost includes the mask and all materials.